Rewriting My Story

We do it to express things we feel but struggle to explain in a direct way. But, where do we end the story? Do we keep repeating it over and overtrying to find new interpretations and re-working our current interpretationor do we start creating a new story? This is the new story I created for myself that now allows me to share my words in ways that are authentic. I feel the personal rewriting of my story saved me from a deadly feedback loop that locked me out of grace and caused me to stay in need of saving. I was curious about yoga. So I started going to yoga classes . I was curious about dance so I took belly-dancing classes, pole-dancing classes, kundalini dance classes and danced at as many musical shows as possible. I discovered my body is a powerful teacher. I discovered my body loves to move in a million different ways and in fact seems to beg me to do so! I was curious about painting so I jumped right in like a kid with a new box of Crayolas. I explored the chakra system with huge sweeps of colour and movement. Not only did I start doing yoga, dancing and painting, I also started creating my own ceremonies. I created a series of paintings that represented seeds of spirit I symbolically sowed through dance, meditation, and fires. I found deep nourishment in this process. I created it on my own. I created it in my own space. I fell deeply in love with life, with spirit, with myself. Through my curiosity and connection to writing, yoga, dance and painting, I discovered the wholesome power of sensuality . I tapped into the power of my senses to explore the world in depth and with the full intensity of my feeling. I discovered no wickedness there, only an honest felt-sense of what my real experience was. But I kept my exploration mostly to myself knowing the judgment of many and not wanting to expose my own personal connection to spirit as it felt new, green and vulnerable. I protected it because I required time to practice remaining within my authentic experience and knowing that it was good without any need for external validation. And it was. And it is. During the period I like to refer… > >>


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