How dieting can affect your mood – by Michelle Wilkinson – Helium

Dieting, unsurprisingly, conjures up thoughts of deprivation and hunger, which is usually exactly what you get when youre on a diet. It is therefore to be expected that dieting will affect your mood, as it involves disrupting your usual routine and replacing it with a routine which is very restrictive and inflexible so that you spend your time looking forward to when you can get back to normal. In some respects, dieting can leave you feeling good, as youre taking positive steps to address your weight. Going on a diet puts you in control of what you eat and as you start to see a difference when you look at your reflection all the negatives of dieting seem worth it. The trouble is that diets arent really designed to work in the long term, so that you may lose a substantial amount of weight in just a few months, but if youre following a particularly restrictive diet plan in order to lose weight you probably wont be able to stick to it once you reach your target. You may find yourself drifting back into old habits and end up gaining all the weight you lost. You may have been in this particular position before; where youve lost weight only to regain it and so any time you go on a diet in the future you half-expect yourself to fail. Consequently, dieting can leave you feeling unhappy because youre unable to eat what you want and you only have limited food choices, while in the back of your mind youre going to fail anyway. Dieting generally requires you to restrict your calorie intake substantially, which is why you are able to achieve dramatic weight loss in such a short space of time. Whenever you go on a diet the focus is very much on eating certain foods and avoiding others, which, for most people, just isnt sustainable in the long run. You may lose weight by cutting carbohydrates from your diet, for instance, but you wont have any energy, which will have a significant impact on your mood, leaving you feeling miserable, lethargic and reluctant to be around other people. Many people regard dieting as the best way of losing weight without considering the implications for their mental well-being of trying to lose lots of weight quickly, but clearly dieting can have a significant effect on peoples moods and emotions. Learn more about this author, Michelle Wilkinson . Click here to send this author comments or questions. Below are the top articles rated and ranked by Helium members on: How dieting can affect your mood


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